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Whole House Audio and Video Can Elevate Your Interior Design

Hidden AV Technology Blends Seamlessly into Your Home

Whole House Audio and Video Can Elevate Your Interior Design

With whole house audio and video, is it easy to listen and watch your media in every area of your Suncadia, WA living space. But sometimes, installing top-notch audio video features might leave you worried that all that equipment will constrict your personal style and design.

However, the proper hidden smart solutions in your home allows you to benefit from high-end audio and visuals, while also elevating your space at the same time.

Want to learn more about the smart technologies that easily merge with any room’s existing surroundings? Just keep on reading below to hear your favorite tunes in every room and never noticing anything out of place.


Invisible and Nonobtrusive Speakers

When you listen to your music or media’s audio, you should feel enveloped in crystal-clear sound every time. For that unparalleled experience, you need high-end equipment that will integrate with your home.

Standing loudspeakers bring a more traditional, theatrical look to a space. If that’s what you’re looking to incorporate in your design plans, then you certainly can never go wrong with their top-quality audio performance. But what if you want something that doesn’t disrupt your current space – but adds and enhances it? Hidden speakers are going to be your ideal choice. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers still deliver excellent sound, but do so without looking like an unwanted addition to your environment.

These speakers are easily installed all around your house. So, when you’re listening to a song in the bedroom and walk downstairs to the kitchen, or even outside on the patio, you’ll hear perfect audio, and never see where it’s coming from. Create the perfect surround sound setup in your media room by placing speakers on all side and above you. You’ll feel completely immersed in any scene and will never have to strain to hear a line again.

And if you want to bring a more cinematic sound to your dedicated home theater or system, a soundbar can greatly enrichen your audio depending on your room’s acoustics. A soundbar can sit nicely under your TV screen without looking like it’s a secondary piece of equipment.

Cabinet and shelf speakers can also blend in nicely with your existing furniture and décor. They can be seen, but because they aren’t obtrusive or an eyesore, they add a nice balance and style to your home. They’re a great choice for the media room, bedroom, and even the theater.

Concealable Screens

When you use your whole house audio and video system to watch your favorite films and TV shows, you might not always want massive 4K screens as the only things someone sees when they walk through your home.

That’s why hidden screens that can make themselves appear as quickly as they can disappear are the best additions to your home and system. Imagine a screen that can double as a painting or picture when not in use? A wall panel that can slide over your TV’s screen lets you choose what is in its place when you’re not watching something on it.

Smart mirror TVs do the same thing, as they can show various photos and images, or remain a mirror when you’re not using it. A mirror can add elegance to any room, and even make it appear larger and more spacious.

TVs that lower from the ceiling or rise up out of furniture serve the same purpose. These are entirely concealed until you choose to reveal them, turning any space into a viewing area – ready to utilize your high-fidelity visuals and audio system. And with just a press of a button, and your wall panel can slide away, your mirror TV will switch over, or your in-ceiling or in-furniture screen can appear.

It’s that easy to have incredible audio video performance quality all throughout your home while still maintaining your personal style and design – and even elevating it with your hidden AV features and solutions.

Want to learn more about hidden whole house audio and video technologies for your living space? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!