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New Lutron Lighting Features for Your Whole Home

Upgrade Any Space with These Smart Lighting Solutions

New Lutron Lighting Features for Your Whole Home

Excellent lighting shapes a room’s entire atmosphere. With a smart lighting system, all you have to do is simply press a button to change the mood of any area in your home – or brighten up your whole property with one touch.

So, what’s the best way to elevate your Clyde Hill, Wall living space? Installing Lutron Lighting’s latest upgrades and features will take your home to the next level this year. As Lutron dealers, Beyond Hi-Fi deliver top-notch services and installations all throughout your space.

Want to find out more? Keep reading below to learn about these innovative smart lighting technologies from Lutron.


Integrated Fan Control

At the 2019 CES (Customer Electronics Show) annual event, Lutron recently introduced fan control as a part of their Caseta lighting system. With an added switch to your lighting wall panels, you can easily control the speed of your room’s ceiling fans.

With four fan speeds, this new feature is designed for 1.5A ceiling fans. You can easily set a favorite fan speed, so walking into the media room or living room requires one push of a button to cool it down.

The wall switches are available in a variety of colors, and with either a gloss or satin finish. Add this new update from Lutron to your lighting system with a quick, hassle-free installation – and have it blend in seamlessly with your existing interior design and décor.

Tunable LED Lighting

Did you know that your home’s lighting has a great impact on your daily mood? When you don’t see the sunlight throughout the day, your body and mind crave those natural rays. Without them, your circadian rhythm could be thrown off. That’s where Ketra tunable lighting from Lutron steps in.

With tunable LED lighting, you have your lighting’s color temperature adjust automatically to balance your circadian rhythm. Ketra offers a full spectrum of colors to choose from for any space in your home – from soft pastels to more saturated and bright colors. Choose a warmer vibe for your kitchen and a cooler one for the game room or bedroom. It’s all up to you.

Your tunable lighting knows how to adjust itself to meet your needs and mimick natural light throughout your day-to-day routine indoors. You won’t have to deal with headaches from blinding fluorescent lighting ever again with this new upgrade for your smart lighting control system.

“Warm dimming” is another amazing feature from Ketra that allows you to set your lights to change gradually from a bright white to a lower, amber-like color. You’ll enjoy a candlelight glow that creates the perfect ambiance in the dining room or any other space you choose.

Tunable lighting from Ketra gives you the option to pick any mood for a room and elevate any environment in your house. Improve your productivity and boost your daily morale with just a press of a button.

Want to learn more about these new upgrades from Lutron and how working with Lutron dealers like our team can bring you the intelligent lighting system you’ve wanted all along? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!