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How to Maximize Your Company’s Success—and See Results

Commercial Automation Leads to Lower Overhead and Higher Morale

How to Maximize Your Company’s Success—and See Results

Company managers are always searching for ways to increase productivity and boost ROI while also maintaining a happy company culture. Achieving those goals isn’t an easy feat, but with the right tools (and a good staff), it can be done.

In this blog, we’ll explore how adopting commercial automation into your Medina, Washington company will greatly benefit your business, from overhead costs to morale. Just keep reading to learn how.

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Control Your Office from One Source

A multitude of operations go into running an office—from turning on the coffee pot and adjusting your HVAC system to maintaining your surveillance cameras. With commercial automation, you can control all of these operations from the simple touch of one control system and save yourself valuable time. Instead of managing each device or system independently, use smart automation to easily connect all of your technology and control them from one central source.

Integrate your audio video system, network, lighting, HVAC, motorized shades, and security system to save time and eliminate hassles. At the press of a button, greet your staff with coffee, calming music, productive lighting, a comfortable office temperature, and much more. With that type of environment your staff will be ready to focus and work hard.

Save on Operational Costs

Commercial automation can help you keep certain operational costs low by controlling how much energy you’re using during your company’s day-to-day. Sync your motorized shades, lighting control, and smart HVAC system to regulate temperature and artificial light that you need to use in order to maintain your teams’ productivity.

Sensors detect the amount of natural light flooding into your office and turn off or dim artificial light that you may not need during the day. Motorized shades can also prevent cold Washington air from leaking through the windows and spiking up your heater. And, for peace of mind, occupancy sensors automatically turn lights on and off throughout the office based on foot traffic so you don’t have to remember if you left a light on ever again.

Create a Comfortable Environment for Staff

Increase company morale by giving your staff a comfortable space to work in. After all, they are working in your office for at least eight hours a day. One solution for low turnover and a happy staff is creating a friendly work environment that caters to their needs.

With commercial automation, you can easily manage the factors that keep your employees happy and productive, such as adequate temperature, effective lighting, and sophisticated boardrooms. If you find that your staff works better in natural light settings with calming music, you can quickly adjust your light settings and motorized shades as well as your AV system to accommodate their needs.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your business operations or boost your ROI, we can help with commercial automation! To get started, just fill out our commercial project questionnaire or send a chat below to talk with a commercial automation professional today.