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Articles in Category: Home Theater System

Upgrade Your Home Theater System this Winter

Stay Cozy and Entertained in Your Own Customized Cinema

Upgrade Your Home Theater System this Winter

As winter continues, you’re more than likely to stay indoors when the weather gets unbearably cold outside.  So, what’s better than cozying up under blankets and having a movie night with friends and family?

Upgraded home theater systems elevate every viewing experience, and this new year is the perfect time to add new technologies to your Medina, WA entertainment space.

Want to learn more about these recommended smart solutions and tech updates?  Keep on reading below.

Why Fight the Cold This Winter Just to Watch a Movie?

Bring the Cinema Experience to Your Residence With a Home Theater System

Why Fight the Cold This Winter Just to Watch a Movie?

Winters in Washington often can be cold and dreary. Sometimes, you just don’t want to fight the elements and instead stay at home. 

I’ve been there plenty of times before.

But why should you allow the weather to derail your plans – especially if you can bring the entertainment right to your home? 

With a home theater system, you can simulate a true commercial cinema experience within the comfort of your own residence. In fact, our Bellevue-based team at Beyond Hi-Fi can build a theater customized to your exact wishes.

Below, I’ll share some ways you can bring a commercial theater experience directly to your home – and I’ll even weigh in on how your theater can go beyond any local cinema.

Gear up for the Holidays with a Home Theater Upgrade

Two Ways to Improve Your Home Entertainment Experience Right Now

Gear up for the Holidays with a Home Theater Upgrade

I love the holidays, and while many people in Seattle, WA get excited at the thought of decorating the Christmas tree or lighting the menorah, there are some who shudder at the sound of holiday music this time of year.

It’s hard to get in the holiday spirit when all you can think about are long lines and family squabbles, but my recommendation is to relax with some holiday home entertainment. Play some Christmas music, watch seasonal movies and programs, and take some time to reflect on the whole meaning of it all.

An outdated home theater system can be its own source of frustration, too. Home entertainment technology has come a long way in recent years, so if you’re still stuck with subpar audio and visuals, then this information may help.