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Articles in Category: Home Security

Smart Home, Safe Home

Smart locks don't just secure the front door, they've got control and convenience locked down, too

Smart Home, Safe Home

As an industrial automation engineer, it was hard for Morgan Leon* to get excited about his home security system. It was incompatible with his other automation systems; it concentrated control with the monitoring company, and it offered little in the way of customization or innovative intelligence. He wanted a solution that would be as simple and personalized as it was seamlessly integrated. Control4 and a set of smart locks would give him all of that—and earn his house the nickname “Fort Knox.”

Leon is typical of more and more homeowners who are looking for— and getting—integration between their home control and security systems. Gone is the notion that a safe home is simply one that secures the house from wouldbe intruders. Today’s smart home empowers owners to control and monitor their premises in myriad ways thanks to the happy marriage of smart locks and home automation. "I wanted it all," says Leon.