Why Fight the Cold This Winter Just to Watch a Movie?

Why Fight the Cold This Winter Just to Watch a Movie?

Winters in Washington often can be cold and dreary. Sometimes, you just don’t want to fight the elements and instead stay at home. 

I’ve been there plenty of times before.

But why should you allow the weather to derail your plans – especially if you can bring the entertainment right to your home? 

With a home theater system, you can simulate a true commercial cinema experience within the comfort of your own residence. In fact, our Bellevue-based team at Beyond Hi-Fi can build a theater customized to your exact wishes.

Below, I’ll share some ways you can bring a commercial theater experience directly to your home – and I’ll even weigh in on how your theater can go beyond any local cinema.

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Dolby Atmos Immersive Sound 

One of the best parts of going to the movies is experiencing the incredible sound quality. You just sit back and relax as audio fills the room. It really makes you feel like you’re a part of the action.

You can simulate that experience – and even go beyond it – within your home theater.

I recommend using a speaker configuration in a Dolby Atmos arrangement for an immersive listening setup.

What, exactly, does that entail? 

First, it means incorporating a surround sound setup with a subwoofer and speakers in front, to the sides, above, and behind of you. 

But the really neat thing about Dolby Atmos is that it can separate the sound of the movie or TV show into up to 128 different “audio objects,” then send each object the individual speakers. This means that if a person is talking behind the main character in the film, you’ll hear the words from the speaker behind you. It creates the feeling that you’re right in the middle of the action.

Once our team calibrates the speakers to produce cohesive sound, you’ll enjoy a viewing and listening experience that’s even better than your local theater.

4K Projection

When you watch your first movie in your home theater, you’ll want image quality to match that of your local cinema – maybe even exceed it.

With a 4K projector, you won’t ever have to worry about poor image quality while you’re watching a movie.

Your projector will broadcast a picture with 4K resolution (which contains four times as many pixels as a 1080p HD configuration), meaning the footage you watch will be clear and vibrant.

While some theaters broadcast their movies in 4K, some show their content in lower resolution. With a 4K projector, you might even be surpassing the image quality your local theater provides. 

Custom Configuration

Why ever watch a movie in an uncomfortable chair?

Some of the best theaters have reclined seating options so that you can comfortably watch your favorite movie. 

We can ensure your home theater system has the best seating setup for your space. 

Personally, I also like having some finishing touches like a popcorn machine and a bar at the back of the theater. It allows for easy snack and drink access during your movie, and it helps to bring the traditional theater experience to life! 

Universal Control

The best part about owning a home theater – something you never can attain in a public cinema – is that you can control every aspect of it. 

With an installation from our team, you can control everything from the lights to what movie you want to watch – all from the convenience of a touchscreen or a tablet or smartphone application.

From your Control4 interface, you can select what movie you want to watch (whether it’s in your stored library or from your favorite video-streaming service). Then, simply press a single button and watch as the lights instantly dim, your projector turns on and pathway lights activate to guide you to your seat.

I can understand how winter might deter you from heading out to the movies. But don’t let it stop you from having that experience.

If you want to learn more about home theater systems, I want you to reach out to my team and me. We’d be glad to answer any questions you might have.

To get in touch, you can either call us at (425) 998-8008, chat with us live by clicking on the button on the bottom-right corner of the screen or fill out a short form by clicking on the button below. We look forward to assisting you!

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