Stay Cozy and Entertained in Your Own Customized Cinema

As winter continues, you’re more than likely to stay indoors when the weather gets unbearably cold outside.  So, what’s better than cozying up under blankets and having a movie night with friends and family?

Upgraded home theater systems elevate every viewing experience, and this new year is the perfect time to add new technologies to your Medina, WA entertainment space.

Want to learn more about these recommended smart solutions and tech updates?  Keep on reading below.



There’s no need to be outside in the cold blustery weather, just to go enjoy a film in a traditional theatrical space.  What if you could bring that real cinema feeling to your own theater?  The great news is with updated technology you can.

With 4K resolution HD projectors and screens and high-end speakers in place, you will be entirely enveloped in an unparalleled quality of audio-video delivery.  4K means you see virtually zero pixels no matter how close to the screen you get – giving you a vivid and crystal-clear image you typically can’t even find in your local theater.

Installing a surround sound system, with high-fidelity speakers all around and above you, totally immerses you in any scene – whether it’s an action-packed car chase, an epic fantasy battle, or a stroll down a city street.  These AV updates will make you and the rest of your audience feel like they’re right there with the characters.



When you’re staying inside for a movie or TV show marathon, make the most of your own home’s comfortability with smart technology features such as lighting control and smart thermostats.

Smart lighting solutions make it easy to press a button and have the proper dimming ready when you push play on a film.  Install black-out motorized shades that lower as well, to ensure you’re in absolute darkness – just like you would be in a commercial theater.

And because you want to keep yourself and others comfortable and warm, incorporating climate control into the room is ideal.  You can quickly adjust the temperature if you feel it’s gotten colder in the room and can make changes whenever you deem necessary to guarantee everyone feels at ease and ready to watch a movie.



Don’t worry about getting up from under your layers of blankets to turn on lights, lower shades, or even to adjust the volume and change from one film to the next.  With smart home control in your theater, you can access and operate every part of your system right from your handy smart device.

Whether you use your smartphone, tablet, or remote, you can easily manage your home theater system from the couch or anywhere else in the room.  This also makes it feel more natural to hand over the device from one person to another, eliminating confusion or the inability to control the media being watched.  Complete command is all in your hands – and just one push of a button away.


Want to find out more about upgrading your home theater system this winter?  Feel free to give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us.  We’d love to hear from you!