Here’s Why a Security System is Essential for Your Property

Leaving your home for a week or just a day can be a bit nerve-wracking when its security is at the forefront of your mind. And that’s not even including your family’s safety when you’re home and trying to sleep at night, which is your top priority. So how can you gain peace of mind whether you’re near your home or far away?

Bringing in a home automation security system to your Hunts Point, WA property guarantees a top-notch level of protection for your whole living space. But what can smart security do for you and what are its top benefits?

In this blog, we’ll dive into its various features and technologies, and how you can seamlessly integrate them into the rest of your home automation systems. Want to find out more? Just keep on reading below!



Imagine being able to check in on your home at any time, from anywhere. With smart surveillance cameras installed throughout your property, you can watch real-time video footage right on your smart device - whether you use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Watch the captured footage live, or save videos to look at and analyze later. You can control your cameras from your smart device as well. Pan, zoom, or tilt the cameras so that you cover every last corner and area of your property. Check in on your property before you go to sleep in your own house, or if you’re on vacation across the world.

You can integrate your home lighting control with your surveillance system as well. If you have motion sensors detect when an unwanted guest is on your premises, your system can have your landscape lighting flood the specific area with brightness. This not only scares intruders away but also gives you a better visual in your footage.



The most nerve-wracking part about leaving your home unattended is the fear that you cannot do anything about burglaries or other serious situations before lots of damage has been done. Now with instant alerts and notifications and smart alarms, you can know right away what is going down in your space.

Smart alarms with smoke and flooding detectors can send an alert to your phone the moment the alarm has gone off. Whether a door has been broken in, water has flooded the basement, or a fire has started in the kitchen – you’ll be able to assess whether or not you need to call authorities right away or have the police alerted automatically. It’s all within your control.



It turns out that your smart lighting solutions don’t just come in handy for flooding outside areas of your home with light to scare off burglars. You can integrate this home automation feature with your security system in other ways too.

An empty house can seem like a major target for most robbers and thieves. So to avoid any burglaries, you can set up your lighting system to an “away” setting so that all your lights and shades function as though you’re at home. This mimics your daily routine and makes it appear as though your house is occupied and full of life. You’ll keep intruders at bay and steered clear from your property.

When you are home, you can head in for the night and press a single button to turn off all your lights and have the necessary outside ones turn on for your property’s security and safety. It also adds a nice curb appeal to your home as a bonus to your well-lit and well-protected living space.

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