5 of the Top Smart Home Technology Trends Emerging In 2018

5 of the Top Smart Home Technology Trends Emerging In 2018

The new year is well underway, and that means smart technology manufacturers already are revealing their plans for 2018.

January is one of my favorite months of the year. Why? Because that’s when CES happens! CES is a huge convention where all the technology manufacturers unveil their latest and greatest devices.  

Now that CES 2018 is over, I’d love to talk about the smart home technology trends I’ve noticed already emerging this year – trends you might want to take advantage of in your Bellevue, WA residence!

Continued Growth of Voice-Control Technology

Voice control technology already has been a quickly growing asset to smart homes over the past couple years.

Here’s some proof to back up my point: A blog I wrote a year ago: The Biggest 2016 Smart Home Trend: Voice Control.

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3 Reasons Why Builders and Remodelers are Embracing Smart Home Tech

3 Reasons Why Builders and Remodelers are Embracing Smart Home Tech

In the early 2000s housing bubble, smart home technology was all the rage. Bellevue builders and remodelers quickly embraced any feature that would give them an edge above the competition, and smart tech was a hot item. After the crash, builders took a wide step back, preferring to leave smart homes alone. However, smart home automation has recently been a rising trend in the Washington area for builders and remodelers both. Why is that? As the largest Control4 dealer in Bellevue, here’s our theory…

1. Smart Home Automation Has Gone Mainstream

People want smart homes much more now than they did a decade ago. Technology is a part of everyday life, and many homeowners view home automation as an essential aspect of the luxury lifestyle. A recent study by Houzz found that 45% of homeowners add automation systems while remodeling a property. That number will only grow as more technology becomes available, especially with devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home offering the novelty of voice control.

SEE ALSO: The Biggest 2016 Smart Home Trend: Voice Control

2. The Technology is No Longer Cost-Prohibitive

The profit margins on smart homes simply weren’t lucrative enough for early builders and remodelers to consider them worthwhile. But the growing popularity of smart technology has had another beneficial impact: larger manufacturing efforts have significantly decreased the cost of the products. On top of that, as the technology has improved; implementing it into new construction or renovations is now a much simpler process. All of this results in plenty of opportunities for increasing feature offerings without breaking the bank for builder or homeowner.

3. Builders are Getting Smarter about Implementation

Back in the early 2000s, nobody knew which smart home brands were reliable or top quality. Everything was brand new, which resulted in a lot of guesswork and speculation. As history shows, it didn’t end well for many construction companies. Fortunately, finding an established and reputable smart home automation brand is a much easier process now. Builders can have a solid idea of what they’re getting before they jump into the smart home movement.

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The Biggest 2016 Smart Home Trend: Voice Control

2016 has been a great year for smart home automation: 4K Ultra HD television really took off, Control4 expanded their solutions with tons of new features, and Amazon Alexa made it possible to manage your home using just your voice using the Echo or Dot. Amazon’s affordable devices are great for both Seattle, WA homeowners with existing smart systems and tech lovers who have yet to start a home upgrade. Continue reading to learn more about voice control and how it can add value to your smart home system.

What Can You Do with Amazon Alexa?

If you have a Control4 system, then think of Amazon Alexa as a new control method to complement your smartphone or tablet. Many, if not all, of the commands you can choose on your touchscreen have a voice-controlled alternative. Here are just a few of our favorite actions:

  • Adjust the Lights: Want to change the lighting levels for the room you’re in? Just say “Alexa, dim lights to 30%” or “Alexa, turn on the living room lamp.” You can set the exact brightness for any activity with a single command.
  • Turn Devices On and Off: Whether you want to start the coffee pot brewing in the morning or add some holiday cheer, all you have to do is let Alexa know. Alexa can control power to any pre-set device in your smart system.
  • Change the Temperature: If the room is a bit too chilly or warm for your taste, just tell Alexa to adjust the temperature to whatever degree you’d like. You can also go more generic with a command like “Alexa, lower the kitchen temperature” if you don’t have a specific degree in mind.
  • Control Music: Music is Alexa’s core functionality. You can link Alexa to your media servers and streaming services, then access individual playlists, songs, or albums with a single command. Ask Alexa to play music from a certain genre or request a song, then your speakers will automatically fill the room with your chosen music.
  • Control the TV: In addition to turning your TV on or off, you can also use Alexa to change the station, search for a show, pull up an app, and adjust the volume.
  • Set Scenes: Our favorite voice control feature is scene commands. Your Control4 smart system allows you to save settings for the perfect lighting, music, temperature, security, etc. for any given activity, such as leaving home or going to sleep. Now, you can simply tell Alexa to “Turn on Movie Time” or “Turn on Away” to start any saved scene.

The Future of Home Control

While voice control is quickly gaining popularity, it goes without saying that the technology for voice recognition and smart home commands is far from perfect. However, this is one area of home control that is rapidly improving, and it’s very likely to be the main control method in the near future.

As the technology advances, we will soon have the ability for Amazon Alexa or other voice control hubs to respond far more intelligently to homeowner requests and commands. For example, perhaps in the future, Alexa will be able to distinguish between different voices and remember the best settings for each family member. Whatever innovations are to come, we’ll be there to ensure that smart home owners in the greater Seattle area can take advantage of them!

Are you interested in adding Amazon Alexa to your smart home or getting started with a new automation system? We can help. Give us a call today at (425) 998-8008 to learn more about the possibilities.

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