Why is this Smart Audio Solution So Beneficial for Your Media?

What sets your viewing experience apart from a trip to the local movie theater and staying at home to watch a film? The cinema is all about keeping you engaged with the media – and you can bring that level of immersion to your own Yarrow Point, WA living space with an excellent audio solution.

That audio solution is a comprehensive surround sound system. So, what is this audio setup exactly, and how can it transform your next movie night? You have a few choices when it comes to installing this type of system in your home, and in this blog, we’ll go through all of them – pros and cons included.

If you’re new to surround sound or want a refresher on what it all entails, keep on reading below to find out which audio technologies are best for you.




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Are You Ready for Some Football?

Are You Ready for Some Football?

As football season approaches, it’s time to make sure you have everything you need to host perfect game day parties. Beyond drinks, snacks, and décor, there’s one big thing that can have a huge impact on the quality of your football experience: your home entertainment system.

If you’re sticking with a standard resolution television and speakers, then it’s worth exploring how the latest AV technologies can greatly enhance the way you enjoy media in your Bellevue, Washington home. Keep reading to learn about the top upgrades you should consider!

1.   4K Resolution for Crystal Clear Visuals

You shouldn’t have to squint at the screen, trying to assess if the ref made a bad call on a pass completion. A 4K Ultra HD television can deliver a beautifully clear picture, with every aspect of the game captured in perfect detail. You’ll get a better view than if you were sitting in the bleachers!

As its name suggests, 4K televisions have four times the pixels as a standard resolution television. And it makes a huge difference. Once you compare a regular display to 4K, you won’t ever go back to the grainy, blurred images of a non-4K TV.

2.   Surround Sound for that Stadium Ambiance

Nothing beats that sense of comradery and excitement you get from being part of a packed stadium cheering on the Washington Huskies as they pound the competition. Is it possible to recreate that feeling in your home? We can’t deliver on the crammed bleacher seats or inclement weather, but we can help to recreate the roar of the crowd and the sounds on the field with the right surround sound setup.

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