Commercial Automation Leads to Lower Overhead and Higher Morale

Company managers are always searching for ways to increase productivity and boost ROI while also maintaining a happy company culture. Achieving those goals isn’t an easy feat, but with the right tools (and a good staff), it can be done.

In this blog, we’ll explore how adopting commercial automation into your Medina, Washington company will greatly benefit your business, from overhead costs to morale. Just keep reading to learn how.

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If Your Smart Home Company Doesn’t Do This -- It Should.

If Your Smart Home Company Doesn’t Do This -- It Should.

I spoke with a new client recently who had moved to the Seattle, Washington area and wanted a Control4 system added to her property. She had a system in her previous house, loved it, and wanted the same great technology in her new place.

As we walked through the different options, the conversation soon turned to our ongoing remote monitoring service that we offer with our Control4 systems. The client was in love with the idea that her system could be kept up to date and free of any issues without on-site visits.

Her words? “Wow, I wish my old company had done that!”

It’s a no-brainer in my mind. Smart technology is rapidly advancing, which means smart home companies need to put effort into ensuring that technology is working at top performance all the time – without inconveniencing homeowners by scheduling visit after visit to their properties.

If you’re not sure how our remote monitoring services work, here’s a quick run-down…

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