Architects and Builders: Do You Know What to Look for in an AV Installation Partner?


When it comes to working with a company on any installation involving smart technology, there are many factors to consider. Audio video installations require a partner that not only understands how the technology works, but that can also respond to and resolve any unexpected issues.

There are a lot of benefits to incorporating smart technology into a Suncadia home during the new-build phase. I understand firsthand the importance of having a solid relationship with a smart home company you can trust. I want industry professionals — like architects and builders — to know what to look for in such a company. When approaching a local AV installation, an informed decision about who you work will make all the difference in delivering the best results.

In this blog, I’ll go over some of the qualities you should look for in an installation partner, and why those qualities are important. Just keep reading to learn more.


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How Does Boardroom Automation Enhance Your Business?

How Does Boardroom Automation Enhance Your Business?

What is one of the most important spaces in your company’s office or building?

Most likely, the boardroom. It’s where meetings, important business discussions and presentations are constantly happening, with no time to waste. Boardroom automation allows your Seattle-area business connects all the office technology to work together. It saves you time and adjusts the environment as needed, allowing for you to focus on the content that matters.

In this blog, we will look at how automation — connected technology and control — saves precious time in the boardroom and increases overall productivity. Just keep reading to learn more.


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What is the Key to a Productive and Efficient Workplace?

What is the Key to a Productive and Efficient Workplace?

If you own or manage a business, you’re likely very aware that a person’s surroundings can affect their workday – especially in an office. Investing time and energy into enhancing the office setting is a smart move for everyone involved. If you’re looking for a way to boost productivity and efficiency around Bellevue, WA, my recommendation is office automation.

In this blog, we will look at the ways your business can benefit from office automation and what exactly those benefits look like.


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#C4Yourself at Our Showroom’s Grand Re-Opening

#C4Yourself at Our Showroom’s Grand Re-Opening

Smart home automation is popular in both new home construction and remodeling. It’s easy to see why – the technology adds convenience, style, and luxury to your property.

It’s also an investment. And any addition to your home is a decision you deserve to feel confident about. To be sure you have the utmost trust in the products and your installer, I highly recommend visiting a showroom to engage with the technology on display.

A manufacturer-certified showroom is the best way to experience the possibilities of integrating smart technology into your home. You won’t have to go far! Our Control4 certified showroom in Bellevue, WA will be having a grand re-opening this month in conjunction with our participation in Control4’s #C4Yourself Day on May 31.

Read on to find out what you can expect at the event. Don’t forget to RSVP!


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How to Know Which Home Automation Services You Can Trust


I’ve encountered a lot of people who want to automate their home and see what smart technology can do for them. Often, though, they don’t know where to begin in the process. In other words, many homeowners don’t understand that there’s a lot to consider when selecting a home automation company to work with — the team is just as important as the technology that you invest in.

Whether you’re considering an upgrade to your home around Yarrow Point or are building a new house in the greater Seattle area, you should only work with a trusted company to properly integrate home automation services. 

In this blog, I’ll provide some insight into what you should look for when searching for a home automation company – and, of course, how we at Beyond HiFi exceed those standards.

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Only a team with the proper experience in the home automation industry can find and provide the best solution for your property. With experience comes the knowledge of how to best craft a system customized to your preferences – and the ability to foresee potential issues, how to prevent them, and how to solve them if they do arise.

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