Can Smart Technology Help Realtors Stage Homes?

Can Smart Technology Help Realtors Stage Homes?

Just last week, I was speaking with a prominent realtor in Bellevue (we serve as their primary Control4 dealer for the Washington area). The conversation turned toward technology, as it so often does when you’re as enthusiastic about smart homes as I am, and she said something that I found interesting:

“Every time I show a smart home, it’s a done deal. Homeowners WANT this technology, and that means realtors should too.”

It got me thinking about the value of Control4 for realtors beyond just providing an extra feature for potential home buyers. I read a study recently that said that 81% of buyers would be more likely to buy a home if smart home products were already installed – that’s a no-brainer reason to adopt the technology in my mind. But could the smart technology also help realtors stage the homes more effectively?

Short answer is yes, but let’s dig deeper into some of the specific ways.

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