What to Expect with Smart Lighting Control

What to Expect with Smart Lighting Control

As smart home automation grows more popular, one technology in particular is consistently in the spotlight: lighting control. As I speak with homeowners throughout Bellevue, Washington about smart lighting, the question I hear over and over again is “what’s going to be different?”

The short answer? A lot!

The slightly longer answer is that home lighting control technology is incredibly versatile, so you have many different choices about how your system is set up and what it’s designed to accomplish. So let’s take a deeper look at some of those options…

You Can Expect… A More Beautiful Home

Lighting plays a big role in making your home look its best. Poor lighting does little to accentuate artwork, furnishings, or architectural finishes.

The challenge is that adding more light isn’t always the answer. It’s about finding the perfect mix of natural and artificial light for each occasion and room. A Control4 or Lutron lighting control system does that automatically.

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