Discreet Home Theater Speakers Provide Top-Notch Audio

Discreet Home Theater Speakers Provide Top-Notch Audio

When your homeowners are looking to install a home theater system in their cinema space or media room, they’re most likely looking for a brand-new way to enjoy their favorite films and shows. 

And if you’re an architect or designer, you know that giving them the ultimate viewing experience just isn’t complete without high-end audio and a surround sound system in place. This might give them pause – just how much will this affect their theater’s aesthetics? 

The great news is, discreet opening speakers are the perfect solution to add both style and high-quality audio to any movie night. Keep reading below to learn why this style of home theater speakers is the best for your clients in Clyde Hill and around Washington.




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The Key to a Great Dedicated Home Theater Design

The Key to a Great Dedicated Home Theater Design

Let’s talk about dedicated home theaters. Specifically, let’s talk about home theater design and the work that goes into creating a cinema that immerses you in ambiance as soon as you walk in the door.

Going from a standard theater system to a fully themed, immersive cinema is a process that involves the input and collaboration of a lot of different people – the homeowner, theater installer, interior designer, etc. And one of the biggest mistakes people can make when adding a theater to their Seattle, Washington home is to wait until after the installation is completed to decorate it. Keep reading to learn why that matters and how we avoid that mistake with our approach to theater design and installation.

Why Not Decorate After Installation?

To answer that question, we need to talk about what goes on during the installation process. Transforming a room into a private cinema is not as simple as mounting a projector and screen, throwing in some chairs, and calling it a day. It’s a strategic process of choosing the perfect screen size, seat placement, speaker positioning, location of acoustic panels, and more.

There’s a science to setting up theaters so that every single person in the room has a clear view of the screen and pure, immersive surround sound. If a theater seat is off by a few inches, for example, the sound waves from one of the surround sound speakers could be unable to reach the person watching the movie. It’s a subtle thing, but it’s what separates a DIY, basic cinema setup from a professional system.

What Can Go Wrong:

So after every element of the theater is installed with exact positioning, what can happen is an interior designer then comes in and starts adding themed décor. Perhaps the theater has a nature theme, with a twinkling sky ceiling and faux grass carpet. To help with the overall ambiance, a designer might add some plants throughout the space.

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