Why Fight the Cold This Winter Just to Watch a Movie?

Why Fight the Cold This Winter Just to Watch a Movie?

Winters in Washington often can be cold and dreary. Sometimes, you just don’t want to fight the elements and instead stay at home. 

I’ve been there plenty of times before.

But why should you allow the weather to derail your plans – especially if you can bring the entertainment right to your home? 

With a home theater system, you can simulate a true commercial cinema experience within the comfort of your own residence. In fact, our Bellevue-based team at Beyond Hi-Fi can build a theater customized to your exact wishes.

Below, I’ll share some ways you can bring a commercial theater experience directly to your home – and I’ll even weigh in on how your theater can go beyond any local cinema.

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If Your Smart Home Company Doesn’t Do This -- It Should.

If Your Smart Home Company Doesn’t Do This -- It Should.

I spoke with a new client recently who had moved to the Seattle, Washington area and wanted a Control4 system added to her property. She had a system in her previous house, loved it, and wanted the same great technology in her new place.

As we walked through the different options, the conversation soon turned to our ongoing remote monitoring service that we offer with our Control4 systems. The client was in love with the idea that her system could be kept up to date and free of any issues without on-site visits.

Her words? “Wow, I wish my old company had done that!”

It’s a no-brainer in my mind. Smart technology is rapidly advancing, which means smart home companies need to put effort into ensuring that technology is working at top performance all the time – without inconveniencing homeowners by scheduling visit after visit to their properties.

If you’re not sure how our remote monitoring services work, here’s a quick run-down…

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Does Your Smart Home Have What It Needs to Succeed?

Does Your Smart Home Have What It Needs to Succeed?

Recently, the Beyond Hi-Fi team started working on a Control4 smart system in a Seattle, WA area home. This home’s Control4 system had been set up by another smart home company years ago, but the homeowner had found themselves dissatisfied with the system’s performance. Once we started looking into the system’s setup, we found a huge issue: the home network was practically non-existent.

Solid home networking is essential for any smart home automation system. Whether you’re dissatisfied with your current smart system’s performance or you’re considering jumping into the world of home automation for the first time, I’m confident saying that investing in a solid network is the key to smart home success.

In order to understand why, here’s a bit of background on how a smart home automation system works….

The Internet of Things

In order for a home to be “smart,” it has to have real-time communication between different devices throughout the property. Smart lights, window shades, thermostats, televisions, and more are all connected to a central control system. This is commonly referred to as the internet of things.

This communication between devices occurs over your home network. When set up correctly, your home network will ensure that communication happens quickly and reliably. But what happens when that home network is nothing more than an ISP-provided standard router with the default settings? Here’s what I’ve seen firsthand:

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Control4 and Triad One: The Perfect High-End Audio Solution?

Control4 and Triad One: The Perfect High-End Audio Solution?

If you consider yourself an audiophile, you’ll definitely want to hear about a new development in the world of high-end audio. Our favorite home automation brand, Control4, has teamed up with Triad, one of the best audio manufacturers in the world, to deliver an even better music experience. Read on to learn why Triad audio (and Triad One in particular) is worth adding to your Seattle, Washington area home.

What is Triad One?

Triad One is, simply put, the easiest way to add powerful, high-resolution audio to any room of your house. It’s a streaming amplifier that is small and sleek, but packs a powerful punch (we’re talking 100 watts of power per channel and -107 dB signal-to-noise level).

Triad One is not intended as a standalone speaker set. Instead, it’s an amplifier that can transform any set of speakers into an easy-to-use multi-room music setup.

All you have to do is plug it into a power source, connect it to a local audio source like a turntable or television, and hook it up to your network (you can do either wired or wireless) and your Control4 smart home automation system. You’ll have instant access to all your favorite media and streaming sources, including iHeartRadio, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, TIDAL, and more!

Why is It Better than Other High-End Audio Solutions?

Think of Triad audio as Sonos on steroids. You get the simplified user experience that puts the focus on enjoying music, not on struggling to manage your different music collections or adjust the volume on a speaker. The difference is that Triad One delivers much higher quality audio. It’s a gorgeous amplifier that delivers 100% on its promise for great-sounding music.

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How Builders and Architects can Succeed with Smart Homes


We’ve talked previously on our blog about the advantages of integrating smart technology during new construction, but the question that often comes up when we speak with builders and architects is less about the “why” and more about the “how.”

It’s a far simpler process than you might think. The short answer to that question is to partner with a Control4 installer in the local Seattle area. The slightly longer answer is to partner with a Control4 installer with a proven process for collaborating with Washington construction firms.

Here’s the way we approach it:

1. You Handle the Construction; We Handle the Technology

The client may want the latest smart home technology in every room, but that doesn’t mean you have to become an expert in designing and installing those systems. Instead, leave the technology to your Control4 installer. We start by communicating directly with the home buyer to get a clear understanding of what smart home features they want, and then we design a system that meets those goals.


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3 Reasons Why Builders and Remodelers are Embracing Smart Home Tech

3 Reasons Why Builders and Remodelers are Embracing Smart Home Tech

In the early 2000s housing bubble, smart home technology was all the rage. Bellevue builders and remodelers quickly embraced any feature that would give them an edge above the competition, and smart tech was a hot item. After the crash, builders took a wide step back, preferring to leave smart homes alone. However, smart home automation has recently been a rising trend in the Washington area for builders and remodelers both. Why is that? As the largest Control4 dealer in Bellevue, here’s our theory…

1. Smart Home Automation Has Gone Mainstream

People want smart homes much more now than they did a decade ago. Technology is a part of everyday life, and many homeowners view home automation as an essential aspect of the luxury lifestyle. A recent study by Houzz found that 45% of homeowners add automation systems while remodeling a property. That number will only grow as more technology becomes available, especially with devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home offering the novelty of voice control.

SEE ALSO: The Biggest 2016 Smart Home Trend: Voice Control

2. The Technology is No Longer Cost-Prohibitive

The profit margins on smart homes simply weren’t lucrative enough for early builders and remodelers to consider them worthwhile. But the growing popularity of smart technology has had another beneficial impact: larger manufacturing efforts have significantly decreased the cost of the products. On top of that, as the technology has improved; implementing it into new construction or renovations is now a much simpler process. All of this results in plenty of opportunities for increasing feature offerings without breaking the bank for builder or homeowner.

3. Builders are Getting Smarter about Implementation

Back in the early 2000s, nobody knew which smart home brands were reliable or top quality. Everything was brand new, which resulted in a lot of guesswork and speculation. As history shows, it didn’t end well for many construction companies. Fortunately, finding an established and reputable smart home automation brand is a much easier process now. Builders can have a solid idea of what they’re getting before they jump into the smart home movement.

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