Product Review: LumaStream LED Lighting Design System

Product Review: LumaStream LED Lighting Design System

If you are a regular reader of our monthly blog posts, you’ll know that we often partner with interior designers to provide technology that improves the overall look and feel of each home. One of the most popular smart home design technologies is lighting control, where interior designers can create the perfect lighting for each room, then save those settings for easy use by homeowners on a regular basis.

We’ve talked high level about how lighting control can benefit interior designers throughout Bellevue and the greater Washington area, but today we’d like to get a little more specific and talk about our favorite product for bringing each room’s lighting to life: LumaStream. 

LumaStream is an LED lighting design system that provides a solid foundation for more energy-efficient, beautiful lighting in homes. 

Here’s why we love it:

Even More Energy Efficiency

Led light bulbs are far more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, but LumaStream takes things one step further by addressing energy waste that occurs when converting line voltage AC power to low voltage DC power. The current conversion process has a lot of lost power, which results in excess heat.

It’s an issue that many homeowners don’t even realize is causing their LED light bulbs to burn out faster and lose out on their full energy saving capabilities. Fortunately, LumaStream’s system addresses energy from the very start, so there’s no extra waste. 

Compatible with Control4

As a Platinum Control4 dealer, we’re big fans of any technology that integrates seamlessly into Control4’s smart home interface. This makes things much easier for interior designers and homeowners who want to make changes to their existing lighting setup, like adjusting the color tone in a room or creating a new lighting scene. Right from the Control4 interface, you have easy access to all the lights in your home.


Reliable, Comprehensive Performance

LumaStream really does it all:

    • Lighting Scenes: Through this technology and Control4, you can have pre-programmed lighting scenes that set the best light for any occasion.
    • No Lighting Restrictions: LumaStream works with both indoor and outdoor lighting, so there are no limits to where you can enjoy smart lighting.
    • Integrated Technology: Dimmers, occupancy sensors, timers, astronomical clocks – you name it. However you want to set up the lighting in your home, we can make it happen.
    • Smooth and Flicker Free: Some low-end LED dimmers can cause subtle yet annoying flickering when in use. That’s not the case with LumaStream. The system works incredibly well, without any flickering at all.


If you’re going to add lighting control to a home, then LumaStream is the way to go. For more information about this and other smart technologies, please call us at (425) 998-8008 or fill out this quick contact request.

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