If Your Smart Home Company Doesn’t Do This -- It Should.

If Your Smart Home Company Doesn’t Do This -- It Should.

I spoke with a new client recently who had moved to the Seattle, Washington area and wanted a Control4 system added to her property. She had a system in her previous house, loved it, and wanted the same great technology in her new place.

As we walked through the different options, the conversation soon turned to our ongoing remote monitoring service that we offer with our Control4 systems. The client was in love with the idea that her system could be kept up to date and free of any issues without on-site visits.

Her words? “Wow, I wish my old company had done that!”

It’s a no-brainer in my mind. Smart technology is rapidly advancing, which means smart home companies need to put effort into ensuring that technology is working at top performance all the time – without inconveniencing homeowners by scheduling visit after visit to their properties.

If you’re not sure how our remote monitoring services work, here’s a quick run-down…

What the Service Is

With our remote monitoring service, we use software to keep track of the health of your system. The software monitors all of the devices connected to the main Control4 system and ensures that each one is working as it should. We use speed tests, Ethernet port monitoring, internet health checks, etc., to double-check that your system is operating at peak performance.

If an issue is detected (say a device goes offline), it sends an immediate alert to our support team, who will troubleshoot the issue and see if it can be resolved remotely. 

The vast majority of the time, we can make everything right as rain without it impacting your ability to use your smart technology at all!

If the issue is larger than can be solved remotely, we’ll contact you and set up a time for our technicians to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Why It Is Awesome

If you don’t have a remote monitoring service, you’ve probably experienced something like this…

You’re relaxing at home, enjoying your whole house audio system, when the music stops playing. Maybe it’s buffering and refusing to load fully, or your system won’t connect to the internet at all. 

What do you do? Well, probably try to figure it out on your own, then call up your smart home company to schedule a visit in the near future.

But what if, before that buffering or internet connectivity issue occurs, you had a monitoring system that nipped the problem in the bud? The system identified a problem, alerted our technicians, and we took care of it – all while you relaxed by the pool, enjoying your favorite album.

We want you to get full enjoyment out of your smart technology, and this is how we do that.

How to Get It

So if your current go-to smart home company isn’t offering you this service, it’s time to ask the question “why?” We think it’s incredibly valuable for our clients, both in terms of convenience and in system performance.

We offer several different remote monitoring service plans, each tailored to fit your needs. If you would like specifics about what each plan covers, we’re just one phone call or live chat away.

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