How Does Boardroom Automation Enhance Your Business?

How Does Boardroom Automation Enhance Your Business?

What is one of the most important spaces in your company’s office or building?

Most likely, the boardroom. It’s where meetings, important business discussions and presentations are constantly happening, with no time to waste. Boardroom automation allows your Seattle-area business connects all the office technology to work together. It saves you time and adjusts the environment as needed, allowing for you to focus on the content that matters.

In this blog, we will look at how automation — connected technology and control — saves precious time in the boardroom and increases overall productivity. Just keep reading to learn more.


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Ease of Use

Adjusting and using your automated technology is easy. Straight from a touchpad or any smart device — like an iPad or tablet — you’re empowered to change the lighting, window shades, projector and screen and even the temperature. Its simplicity comes from your control system’s user interface: tap a single button to get the desired effect so you can spend your time focusing on the meeting’s content rather than wasting time getting it all set up.

Wide Range of Settings

Automation means connectivity and control. Not only do you have the ability to adjust each device individually, but you can connect them all to work in sync with one another. This feature is one my personal favorite time-savers.

For example, if you set up a “Presentation” scene, you won’t need to worry about setting up the room for an impromptu sales pitch. You can simply tap one button and the whole room adjust accordingly. The lights will dim or turn off completely (depending on your preference), the shades will lower to darken the room, the projector will turn on and the screen will lower for the presentation to begin.

Then when the presentation is over and you’re ready to begin discussion, simply select a different setting and the lights will turn back on, the shades will open, and you can begin the conversation as it’s all happening instead of waiting to manually go around the room adjusting everything.

Customizable to the Agenda

As I mentioned above, you can synchronize all of your technology to work together to create the ideal environment for your boardroom. But, the ideal environment may change according to the agenda. Automation means you have full control over the settings at all times so that you’re not committed to one setup throughout the meeting.

Set the scene for a presentation as described above, then simply switch over another mode with ease as needed. Want the boardroom to look a certain way when not in use? It’s all easy to set up.


Ready to see what boardroom automation can do for your business? Reach out to us online or give us a call at (425) 998-8008.

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