How Builders and Architects can Succeed with Smart Homes


We’ve talked previously on our blog about the advantages of integrating smart technology during new construction, but the question that often comes up when we speak with builders and architects is less about the “why” and more about the “how.”

It’s a far simpler process than you might think. The short answer to that question is to partner with a Control4 installer in the local Seattle area. The slightly longer answer is to partner with a Control4 installer with a proven process for collaborating with Washington construction firms.

Here’s the way we approach it:

1. You Handle the Construction; We Handle the Technology

The client may want the latest smart home technology in every room, but that doesn’t mean you have to become an expert in designing and installing those systems. Instead, leave the technology to your Control4 installer. We start by communicating directly with the home buyer to get a clear understanding of what smart home features they want, and then we design a system that meets those goals.


2. Clear Communication with Everyone, Every Step of the Way

Once we have that system design in place, we’re going to make sure builders, architects, interior designers, home buyers, and any other relevant parties are all on the same page – both initially and as the project scope evolves over time. This communication helps the smart home project run smoothly, quickly, and without any costly redos due to misunderstandings between parties.

3. We’re Not Afraid to Get Our Hands Dirty

The best time to do the initial wiring for these smart technology systems is before the walls are closed up, so we’ll be there throughout the construction process, weaving the technology into the building as it progresses. If issues arise with the initial building plans, we’ll be ready to quickly accommodate changes in room size, locations of devices, etc. And with those changes, we’ll be keeping as-built documentation up to date.

As with any good partnership, our collaborations with Washington area builders are beneficial to both sides. We can help you deliver the full value of smart home technology to your clients.

Beyond Hi-Fi is an award-winning, multi-Platinum Control4 installer. For more information on the services we offer to construction firms, call us at (425) 998-8008 or fill out this brief contact form and a member of our team will reach out.


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