Enhance Your Interior Design with Hidden Audio/Video

Enhance Your Interior Design with Hidden Audio/Video

I’ve worked with many interior designers throughout the Seattle, Washington area, and over the years I’ve noticed they all have a common complaint: the audio/video is an eyesore; it’s ugly! I would even agree that yes, your standard audio/video components can be unsightly and take away from the beauty of a home. But if I could get one thing across to designers, it’s that it doesn’t have to be that way!

It’s possible to leverage the latest smart home automation technology without the clutter. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that smart technology can actually solve common design issues! Below, I go into some of the common complaints and show how the right hidden technology can help.

Complaint #1: Too much wall acne

In our line of work, the term “wall acne” refers to when there are too many switches, dimmers and controls on the wall. Too many buttons not only leads to confusion, but it also looks terrible.

How do we solve this? Smart home automation fixes the problem with wireless controls and custom in-wall keypads. An app downloaded onto your mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet, puts the controls in your pocket, and custom keypads simplifies the buttons on the wall.

For example, include simple commands like “all on,” “all off,” “welcome home” and “away” for quick access to your favorite scenes and settings. Add a “movie” button in the home theater, or a “cooking” button in the kitchen. You get to decide which buttons are the most important to you. You could even get rid of all the switches and go wireless 100 percent. Smart home automation gives you more options and flexibility when it comes to control.

Complaint #2: Too many wires and black boxes

What do you do when you have a friend coming over at the last minute and your house isn’t clean? Typically, you stuff all the mess in a closet. We do the same thing with the wires, black boxes and other technical components in your smart home.

Seems too simple, right? The beauty of it is that we use matrix switches, racks, and wireless technology to hide all it. But we don’t just stuff the mess in a closet and call it quits. We organize all of the wires, boxes and more neatly so it’s clean and professional for anyone who needs to access it. We’ve seen some nightmare AV jobs, and often we have to fix the poor job someone else did. Trust a professional like us to clean up the mess.

Complaint #3: Technology takes up too much space in the room

This is where we can have some fun and get creative. We love finding new ways to hide technology, like placing a TV in a bed, in the ceiling, or even in the floors! We can hide technology almost anywhere in the home using motorized lifts and automation.

For example, we can make your speakers invisible by installing them inside the walls, behind the drywall. We can put TVs in beautiful custom furniture or behind walls too. We can also recess the audio and lighting in the walls so it’s barely noticeable and it doesn’t detract from the overall performance. Smart home automation is a great solution to hiding all of the technical gear.

Do you need to partner with an integrator to hide technology? Let’s talk!


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