Elevate Your Workspace with Lutron Lighting

Elevate Your Workspace with Lutron Lighting

If your Yarrow Point, WA offices are low on morale and need something to bolster their aesthetic appeal – for both your workers and clients you’re presenting the space to – then Lutron lighting is your answer.

The way a workspace looks has a significant impact on everyone who enters it.  And for clients, it’s always important to make an excellent first impression.

In this blog, we go through the many lighting features Lutron has to elevate your company’s environment.

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Enhance the Office Atmosphere

It is important to create a workplace that promotes productivity and primes employees for their best working mindset.  Lutron has endless lighting options that are convenient to use and enhance the overall mood of the space.

Install elegant lighting fixtures that are easy to brighten or dim according to the time of day, and choose from a variety of motorized shades that are perfect for improving the office.

Pick from various patterns, fabrics, and styles for automated shades.  There are blackout shades for when you’re giving a presentation in a conference room, and more colorful, sheer ones that let enough light to be enjoyable while others work or have a meeting.

Dual shading lets you choose both for individual rooms as well.


Schedule Lights and Shades

A brightly-lit lobby or office space appears professional and sleek to clients who might be visiting or seeing the office form a video conference call.

But if everyone is busy, it can be hard to remember to turn on certain lights or to adjust the shades.  That’s why preset “scenes” and schedules are ideal.

Your Lutron system lets you just press a button to set the shades correctly for a meeting, a presentation, or for a team brainstorm session.  Employees can schedule lighting to change as the day goes on, and for shades to lower when the sun is high in the sky.

You can also lower your company’s monthly bills and save energy by installing motion sensors.  I someone forgets to turn off the lights in a conference room after a meeting, the sensor can detect when the last person leaves the room – and will then shut down all the lights.

The system makes it easy to hit just one button at the end of the day and effectively turn off the all the lights and lower all the shades.

Easy to Use System

Lutron makes sure their systems and solutions are simple to use for everyone involved.

All devices and products respond to one centralized system – so just one source can control the lighting and shading in every room.

This makes it easy for a number of selected employees to take control of operations as well.  Lutron offers a lighting control management system called Quantum that ties every lighting fixture and shade together.


Want to learn more about Lutron lighting for your workspace and how it can take it to the next level?  Give us a call or fill out our form online – our team would love to hear from you.


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