Optimize Your Distributed Audio with These Setups

Listening to your favorite music and tunes throughout your Bellevue, WA home is easy with a whole home audio system – but sometimes, certain rooms call for different features and adjustments in order for you to experience the media at its highest quality.

There’s nothing worse than having distributed audio and hearing muffled or distant sound quality because the audio isn’t properly set up. The great news is that our team is experienced in designing and installing customized multi-room audio systems so that each room’s speakers deliver a high-fidelity audio performance.

The sound quality in your home will be elevated with these audio and speaker setups. Want to learn more about them? Just keep reading on below.



With a particular area of your home is set aside for specifically listening to your albums and records, you can cultivate a space where your audio truly shines. This setup won’t be like the rest of your audio configurations throughout your home, everything about it is catered to bringing the best audio performance to the listener.

By installing speakers against one side of the room, you’ll be directing the audio and sound toward one spot in the space, whether it’s a chair or couch where you can sit back and relax as the tunes fill the air. Putting up the right acoustic treatments on the walls and ceiling when needed will ensure the audio doesn’t reflect or get absorbed too much and doesn’t flow to any other part of the room except towards your ears.



When you’re watching a film or TV show, you want to feel totally immersed in the action scene or suspenseful moment – and the media’s audio has a significant impact on that. That’s why a surround sound system setup in your media room or home theater space is key.

Installing in-wall and in-ceiling speakers will distribute the audio all around the room, both to the side, above, and behind the seating – giving everyone the same top-notch audio performance.

If you’d rather have a soundbar that might deliver the audio better in your room’s size, you can utilize multi-channel audio equipment to guarantee a surround sound experience. To complete this surround sound setup, you might also want to include more speakers strategically placed around the room to optimize your audio and accompany your soundbar.



If you want to walk throughout your property from one room to the next listening to the same song in a consistent high-end quality, then you’ll need to install speakers in the common areas of your home. These include hallways, the kitchen, bathrooms, and other rooms that you find yourself and others walking through the most.

Having speakers here will create a unified sound throughout your whole space. Sometimes speaker installations can prove difficult in these specific places, but often hidden speakers are the best solution. They can disappear into the walls and ceiling and won’t disrupt your existing décor and design – but they’ll still produce flawless audio at all times.


Want to learn more about a whole home audio system, and how you can create spaces and speaker setups for the best sound quality possible? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you.