Is Poor Home Networking Affecting Your Property’s Technology?

Is Poor Home Networking Affecting Your Property’s Technology?

In the past, I’ve written about the importance of home networking in a smart home. The success of your home’s technology depends on many factors, and your home network can make the biggest impact.

In this blog, I’ll look more in depth at how your network functions and why that affects the efficiency of your smart home system in Seattle, WA or the surrounding areas.

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What exactly happens when you access a website, stream a movie on your TV, or anything else that requires internet usage? Your device is requesting and grabbing data from the destination (e.g., movie streaming service, website, etc.), then making it accessible on your device.

That information — movies, website information, music — has to travel through a network system. This all happens so quickly (and out of sight) that we don’t realize it’s happening.

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Does Your Smart Home Have What It Needs to Succeed?

Does Your Smart Home Have What It Needs to Succeed?

Recently, the Beyond Hi-Fi team started working on a Control4 smart system in a Seattle, WA area home. This home’s Control4 system had been set up by another smart home company years ago, but the homeowner had found themselves dissatisfied with the system’s performance. Once we started looking into the system’s setup, we found a huge issue: the home network was practically non-existent.

Solid home networking is essential for any smart home automation system. Whether you’re dissatisfied with your current smart system’s performance or you’re considering jumping into the world of home automation for the first time, I’m confident saying that investing in a solid network is the key to smart home success.

In order to understand why, here’s a bit of background on how a smart home automation system works….

The Internet of Things

In order for a home to be “smart,” it has to have real-time communication between different devices throughout the property. Smart lights, window shades, thermostats, televisions, and more are all connected to a central control system. This is commonly referred to as the internet of things.

This communication between devices occurs over your home network. When set up correctly, your home network will ensure that communication happens quickly and reliably. But what happens when that home network is nothing more than an ISP-provided standard router with the default settings? Here’s what I’ve seen firsthand:

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