A Quick Guide to Buying High-End Audio


If you’re ready to take the plunge toward true audiophile status by adding high-end audio to your Seattle area home, then it’s best to have a solid understanding of the options! We’re here to help. We’ve been serving Washington homeowners with high-performance audio and automation solutions since 2010.

So what do you need to know about audio before choosing your sound system? Just keep reading to find out.

What Makes Audio “High-End”?

Audio is not black and white. Speaker quality is more of a spectrum, ranging from low-end, low-quality speakers to truly top-notch ones. If you’re evaluating different speakers that all claim to be high-end, you’ll want to look for a few different characteristics:

  • Not Mass Produced: Mass production inevitably leads to lower quality. With speakers, the slightest inconsistency or flaw during manufacturing can cause the audio to sound subpar.
  • Quality Material: The rigidity of the materials used in the speakers affects sound quality. If the material flexes, it leads to audio distortion. As a result, many high-end speakers are designed with unique materials such as diamond, Kevlar, or beryllium to ensure sound distortion is kept to a minimum.
  • Amazing Sound: The best way to distinguish high-quality speakers is to listen to them! Yes, it’s one thing to talk about how these speakers more accurately recreate the sound of original recordings, but it’s another thing entirely to hear it for yourself. You really can tell the difference!

Which Brands are Best?

There are many different audio manufacturers out there that we wholeheartedly recommend for different environments throughout the home, such as private home theaters, dedicated listening rooms, and multi-room music systems.

Some of the most prominent audio brands that we feel are truly top notch are Triad Audio, MartinLogan, Audio Control, James Audio, Integra, and Sonance.

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