Can Smart Technology Help Realtors Stage Homes?

Can Smart Technology Help Realtors Stage Homes?

Just last week, I was speaking with a prominent realtor in Bellevue (we serve as their primary Control4 dealer for the Washington area). The conversation turned toward technology, as it so often does when you’re as enthusiastic about smart homes as I am, and she said something that I found interesting:

“Every time I show a smart home, it’s a done deal. Homeowners WANT this technology, and that means realtors should too.”

It got me thinking about the value of Control4 for realtors beyond just providing an extra feature for potential home buyers. I read a study recently that said that 81% of buyers would be more likely to buy a home if smart home products were already installed – that’s a no-brainer reason to adopt the technology in my mind. But could the smart technology also help realtors stage the homes more effectively?

Short answer is yes, but let’s dig deeper into some of the specific ways.

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First Things First: What is Control4?

Control4 is a leader in developing smart home systems that are easy to use, reliable and efficient. The system connects all of the technology throughout your property (and even some things you wouldn’t normally call “technology,” like your window shades).

You can press one button on your smartphone and the lights will turn off. You can monitor your home with surveillance cameras and check on the video footage throughout the day. You will have a lot of options for different controls and managing all the features of the house.

Ways Control4 Helps with Staging a Home

Here’s my recommendation for any realtor showing a house with a Control4 system:

As soon as the prospective buyer walks into the house, say, “Alexa, start Welcome Home scene,” and surprise them as they watch the house come alive. If the home is connected to a voice control device like Amazon Echo, then Just by saying those words the lights will turn on, the shades will open, and music will begin playing softly in the background. Then, as you go through each room, show off a different feature.

For example, walk into the home theater and press one button using the keypad on the wall to start showing a movie. When you get to the master bedroom, use a tablet sitting on the bedside table to close the shades or turn on the TV. As you walk through the hallway, stop and take some time to show them how the energy management system works (with Control4’s interface, it won’t take long!). They will be able to change the thermostat remotely with their wireless devices and also track how much energy they are using every month.

At the end of the tour, say, “Alexa, turn on Away,” and then see if they have any questions. The key is showing how a smart home will adapt to their individual lifestyle.

If you would like more tips on staging a home with automation or on partnering with us as your local Control4 dealer for adding technology to homes on the market, then please give us a call or click this button to fill out our contact form.


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