Home Lighting Control Systems Create Happier Holidays

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but the holidays are just getting started. Now that more festive dinners and family get-togethers are in your future, it’s time to start making that party prep list and checking it twice.

But before you get overwhelmed, take a look at how a home lighting control system can relieve some of the seasonal stress and create some of the best holiday parties you’ve ever hosted in your Clyde Hill, Washington home. Keep reading to learn four ways lighting control will make your holidays brighter.

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1. Lighting Control = More Convenience

Hosting any party or get-together means you’re responsible for a long list of tasks to make sure everything runs smoothly. With smart lighting control, you can spend less time in a frenzy and more time with loved ones enjoying yourself. Create your ideal holiday lighting atmosphere at just the press of a button, and watch as your indoor and outdoor house lights illuminate to make your home magical. Schedule lights ahead of time to turn off or shift to a calmer scene once your party is dying down. Use occupancy sensors around your home to automatically turn lights on and off depending on movement detection in a room, so no matter where your guests are they feel welcome. 

2. Lighting Control = Better Safety

Lighting control is a great way to make sure your home is guarded from possible intruders (like the Grinch). Link lighting control with your smart home security system to turn all lights on if uninvited activity is detected in or outside of your home. Use a lighting control system to keep party guests safe and sound with occupancy sensors that turn walkway and porch lights on at night to help illuminate a clear, inviting route to your door

3. Lighting Control = Energy Savings

If you’re looking for ways to go green or to save a little money for more gifts, lighting control is the perfect aid. Use less energy by setting your artificial lights to dim or completely turn off when they detect natural light from the sun.

You can also sync your lighting with motorized shades and a smart HVAC system to help monitor indoor temperature and keep your home feeling comfortable for your party guests without busting the bank. Saving a little money on energy means you can focus more on making your holiday parties even bigger and better!

4. Lighting Control = The “Wow” Factor

A home lighting control system may offer you convenience and savings, but it also offers you a chance to “wow” your guests! We can provide you with comprehensive LED lighting design services to really make your home pop during the holidays. Illuminate the walls in your home with festive colors, make your stairways glow, and even brighten up your outdoor furniture with flooding lights from below. We can customize any design you want to make a holiday dream into reality.

A home lighting control system offers you convenience, savings, safety, and home management not only during the holidays but throughout the entire year. Let us help you get started on the right home lighting control system today! Just contact us here or send a chat below to start talking to a professional lighting control installer today.


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