4 AV Solutions to Supercharge Your Restaurant Business


Keep Traffic Flowing with Commercial Audio Video Enhancements

If you’re in the U.S. restaurant business, you know that the industry has witnessed solid sales growth since the Great Recession. And in this strong economic climate, it doesn’t look like people will stop dining out anytime soon.

But all markets eventually experience inevitable seasons of downturns, and restaurant owners should always be prepared to keep traffic coming through the doors when an industry slowdown occurs.

A method of supercharging your Bellevue, WA restaurant today to keep customers coming in the future is implementing commercial audio video solutions into your workplace. Keep reading to learn about four audio video solutions that will lock in traffic for seasons to come.

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  1. Interactive Digital Menus

Amaze your customers with digital tablet menus at every table, giving them the leisure and control to order exactly what they want, when they’re ready. Digital menus show customers you’re one step ahead of the competition and are used as entertainment while your guests wait for their orders. Install games for them to play, or create a quick survey that pops up at the end of their experience so your customers can give you direct feedback on their time with you.


  1. Ultra-High-Definition TVs

These days, most food-goers are looking for that extra pizazz when they search for good restaurants, so it’s crucial to create an inviting social hub with 4K TV displays that broadcast the latest news, sports games, and more.

Along with better contrast and vivid colors, these ultra-high-definition TVs have four times the resolution compared to the standard 1080P display, which make the viewing experience more enjoyable for your customers.


  1. Smart Lighting Control

Accentuate every part of your beautiful restaurant with smart lighting control. With just a tap on your smart control system, be able to dim, brighten, or change the temperature of various lighting fixtures throughout your space to set the mood during for different events or times of the day.

Whatever the occasion, creating the right lighting atmosphere for your customers will enhance their experience with you and keep them coming back.


  1. High-End Audio Distribution

    The type of music you play in your restaurant makes a big impact on the overall comfort of your customers. Choosing the right music to play and when to play it is a difficult enough task, so make sure the quality of your sound system is top-notch with high-end audio distribution.

Share audio sources across multiple areas of the restaurant and bar area, including private rooms and your outside patio. And when it’s time for sports, easily control your media devices to change from music to the game from one central system.

Commercial audio video enhancements for your restaurant business go a long way to retaining your patrons. Not only will they keep customers entertained and maintain traffic flow, but you’ll also save time and resources with an integrated system to easily control all your devices from one universal remote.


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