3 Benefits of Upgrading to Motorized Blinds

3 Benefits of Upgrading to Motorized Blinds

You might be considering bringing motorized shades to your living space – but are unsure what their true advantages are exactly.

After all, what makes them so different from manual blinds – besides the obvious automated part?  The answer is a whole lot.

In this blog, we’ll go through the many benefits of installing motorized blinds in your Suncadia, WA home.  Read on below to find out more!




Energy-Saving Features

With just a press of a button, you can lower your automated blinds and shades to keep the blaring sun’s rays from shining through your windows.

This will instantly keep your home cooler, and create the perfect insulation in the hot summer months.  The same goes for the colder seasons of the year, with the shades keeping the heat inside.

You won’t have to pay attention the whole day, and check on the shades yourself – installed photo sensors can detect when the sun is shining in too harshly, or you can put your motorized blinds on a schedule to raise and lower at certain hours.

This will give your HVAC and heating a break depending on the time of year, and lower energy usage – and also your monthly bills!


Create the Perfect Atmosphere for Any Event

Standard blinds don’t make much of an impact on a room and you probably don’t think of them unless you need to adjust them yourself.

Because they don’t lower on their own you might not manually adjust them.  This means you’re often not optimizing the natural lighting in your home.

While you can turn on the lights in your home to brighten up a space, you can truly enjoy the gentle sunlight in the morning while you eat breakfast, or as the sun sets in the evening.

During the day you probably will have them open, but what if you want to watch a film?  Press a button and lower your sheer shades, so that the room can still say warm and well-lit, but you won’t have to deal with any sun glares on your screen.

You can set certain “scenes” for these types of situations, such as a button for a “movie” or “morning alarm” to accommodate how much sunlight you want in the space at the time.  It’s all in your control.


Increased Home Security

Who knew that motorized blinds can not only be an aesthetically-pleasing solution but also improve your home security?

Motorized window treatments can make your home seem occupied even while you’re away for a day or weeks at a time.

If robbers are sizing up your space, they’ll be watching for movement in your home.  You can set your motorized shades to “away” and have them raise and lower at selected intervals throughout the day, mimicking your daily movements and routines.  Incorporate your lighting control, and have lights turn on and off at regular times as well.

This will fool the burglars and keep them steered away from your property.

Want to learn more about the many components and features of motorized blinds, and why they are far superior manual ones?  Give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you.


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